Reaching for “50” – The Journey

So…in my never-ending search for peace, clarity and focus…I am on a new mission!  And with feverish determination…I am inviting you along for the ride.

In exactly one week, I will be exactly 4 months away from my 50th Birthday!  My quest for being fabulous at 50 shall begin now!  Well…in 7 days.  This week is the preparation stages…so bear with me, I am not exactly sure how this will play out.

A little background to set the stage.  I am mostly unorganized, a habitual procrastinator, a seeker of self-help, a professional multi-tasker, and a constant over thinker to the point of ridiculous.  These of course are not all of my most outstanding personality traits.  But they do stand to be the ones that get in my way.   You must be thinking “she is a hot mess”!  Well maybe sometimes, but I can promise you this…I wear it well…and I know how to put it on and dress it up!

Anyway –  I have decided this just doesn’t work for me anymore.  If I were to live to 100 (big IF there)….I have 50 more years to live a completely different life.  How (insert explative here) exciting is that?  A completely new me????  Honestly!   I am going to break the cocoon, shed the skin, whatever it takes to become the me that I have so long envisioned.  I will be keeping some of the old stuff though.  I believe some of that old stuff allowed me to make it this far…yeah…so I’ll keep some of that.

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day…it was ironic actually, because I do not watch afternoon television but had turned on the TV because I had been rudely interrupted by a news flash across my computer screen (constant distractions….losing focus immediately)… where was I?  Oh yeah…Dr. Phil.  I only caught literally the last 1 minute of the show…so I have no clue what it was actually about, but I gathered that he was talking to a young girl with PTSD.   The long and short of it is this…he was sending her to a women’s retreat for healing…. but he explained a very simple equation on getting what you want out of life and regaining your true self.  Again…I missed the show, but these three words were utterly powerful and made complete sense to me. Are you ready?  Here they are:  BE. DO. HAVE.

Keep in mind I derived my own way to use this formula to suit my needs.  I did not google this theory (Google – that is another subject for another day – UGH)!  I simply took the three words and made them work for my upcoming project.

I bought myself this cute little HOT pink journal with embossed gold letters on it that says “HUSTLE”.  The inside cover is Lime Green!  Too much fun in there already and I have only just begun.  On the inside cover I have outlined my Daily Rituals.  These are the items I feel will catapult me every day to a more organized way of living.  These are mine…yours may look a little different.

  • Wake Up, GET UP, Choose Energy!
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast / Excerise
  • Be Present – Check your Calendar
  • Get the MUST Do’s done FIRST
  • Nurture 10 clients / day
  • Tackle some other To-Do items that are not a priority
  • End of Day – Plan for Tomorrow

Of course the calendar can always throw a wrench in this plan…but I plan on using this as my guide to stay focused on a daily basis.  If there is idle time…I am going use it for something more purposeful than logging onto Facebook and scrolling through the mundane repetitiveness of most of the posts out there.  (I got off topic again…see how quickly I can do that – Facebook is another one of my annoyances along with Google and many others).  I am currently reading the book “Alone Together by Sherry Turkle” and at the same time reading “What the internet is doing to our brains – the Shallows, by Nicholas Carr”.  Want some insight on why these outlets annoy me…pick up these books.  Fascinating revalations about the social media epidemic.

Okay – sorry…back to the Hustle Book.  FOCUS Susie FOCUS!

On pages one, two and three I have outlined BE, DO, and HAVE (BDH) – they each have their own page.  I have interpreted this threesome in reverse.  I had to ask myself what do I want to HAVE, what do I have to DO to have this, and how to I have to BE to do this.  Perhaps this isn’t how Dr. Phil envisioned this (I should go back and DVR this episode, but it’s not on my to-do list).

I have a really good feeling about this plan and am overly excited to get started.  So…lets do this!  In my next post, I will share with you my BDH’s.  Then the journey begins!  Bring on Fabulous 50!  Stoked!!!!



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