Be. Do. Have!

With so many mantras to choose from today, how do we know which one is going to work for us?  Do you ever notice how many people post on Social Media their quote of the day….or that pretty little picture with some paragraph about how we should treat people, or the rules for living a good life.  I am just not convinced that because someone posted it…that this is how they are living.   So for me…this whole Be Do Have thing, just made sense to me.  It was a simple and complete concept.  So on with it….it’s time for my transformation to begin.

As I mentioned…I had to work backwards on this to get the formula to work.  I took a piece of paper and wrote down all the things I would like to have in my life over the next 50 years (still going on the assumption I will be here when I am 100 years old).  The page was ridiculously full!  I mean FULL!!!!  So after realizing that probably 80% of those items were never going to be possible (you know things like that mansion on the cliff in Australia) I whittled it down to what was most important to me.  And these are actually in order of importance…which will need discussing later.  The method to my ever so apparent madness!


  • Quality Relationships!  (NOT QUANTITY)
  • Complete and Constant Happiness and Joy of Life
  • Respect of Self and Others
  • A decent client base for my business to create a steady flow of income.
  • A New York Times Best Selling Novel by 2021.  (then maybe another)
  • Enough money in the bank to live comfortably during retirement with my wonderful husband.

Yup that’s right…the money is not on the top of my list.  It’s an old cliché’ for sure, but money does NOT buy happiness.  And I know this one for a fact!  I may end up sharing that story one day… we’ll see.  In this world of mass misuse of social media we are all victims of FAKE friends.  Admit it!  I mean honestly….if you have 100 friends on Facebook, how many of them have you actually sat and had a one on one heart to heart with.  No need to answer that…I know the truth.

I will confess and tell you that I am just NOT a social butterfly.  I have a handful of girlfriends that I trust and I make a constant effort to nurture our relationships.  I honestly feel a quality relationship feeds our soul.  And quality relationships bring joy and happiness giving us the ability to respect ourselves and others.

I have been an aspiring writer all of my life.  I have dreamt of sitting at my own book signing at Barnes and Noble!  I write on occation, but keep most of it to myself.  This blog is a huge step out of my comfort zone.  I am so ready to let my creativity monster out of the closet!  Then….the rest of my “HAVE” list should just fall into place (right?)..with earnest effort!  I can DO this!  So that brings me backwards – to my “DO” list!


  • Form a Ladies-Only empowerment Group – A sister circle if you will….
  • Give back to a Charity or Organization that I feel strongly about
  • Speak Kindly to everyone – even if they are not speaking kindly to me
  • Channel all negative thinking into positive energy and thoughts
  • Believe
  • Work Smarter – Organize, Prioritize
  • Make Time for Writing

I am already in the process of forming my ladies group….I have chosen some awesome, inspiring, strong, open-minded ladies to get this ball rolling.  Starting small so we can focus on a mission, purpose etc.  This I see as a fabulous outlet to form those lasting relationships and form an empowerment to succeed in all we set out to do!  We as a culture are failing in the building up of our peers….instead we break them down and tear them up.  Too much negative energy on the internet and (here I go again – yup I am gonna say it) SOCIAL MEDIA!  Watching so many people have “perfect” lives on these SM’s is the cause of so much depression and negative self talk.   Been there – I’ll pass on the next trip down that road, not for me….

The only way for this to play out is the first step – “BE”.  I need to BE something, someone, somehow, someway….. This was the hardest list for me, as I am programmed to be the person I explained in my earlier blog.  So these changes and new ways of “being” must occur now and will take a lot of practice!  Because to be honest “confident” is not something I am used to!  And organized….nope..not me either.


  • Energetic, Present and Focussed
  • Grateful
  • Confident
  • Insightful and Inspiring
  • On-Time and Organized
  • BE the best TRUE version of ME !

There it is… my plan, my mantra, my new adventure.   Join me…. because this all begins NOW!  GO!





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